How would you 

like to connect?

There are several ways in which we can do yoga together online! I am currently offering weekly Yoga classes as well as virtual 1 on 1 Private Yoga coaching via Zoom.


Additionally, I offer a monthly subscription based package with regularly updated Yoga videos, including targeted series. 


Whichever method you choose, you will start feeling better and improving your practice!

Schedule of Live Zoom Classes

Monday@10:30am - gentle yoga -One can expect an overall good stretch, learn to breath & Meditate

Tuesday@7:45am - stiff ass yoga - It is a little easier than typical gentle yoga, perfect if you think of yourself as "Stiff"

Wednesday@10:30am - gentle yoga - Get taller and work on good posture, learn to use your abs.

Thursday@12-12:45pm -yoga stretching- quick lunchtime stretch

Friday@10:30am - gentle yoga - Start the weekend off right, learn to breath and meditate 

Saturday@8am -Align Yoga 1 - Learn the finer points of postures you do all week, take the yoga to another level

Sunday@9:30am - gentle yoga - Pretty gentle, a mix of easy postures and holds to help keep arms and legs moving



  • Offered Daily

    Duration Varies

    20 US dollars

Subscribe to my Simple Wisdom Yoga channel to workout with me at your convenience.

All different styles and tastes of yoga to play with at your leisure.