• Offered Daily

    Duration Varies

    20 US dollars


Monday@10:30am - Gentle Yoga - A class simple enough that anyone can do it. Helpful for healing injuries or dealing with chronic conditions. Expect that the whole body will be stretched in various forms. There will be postures in all 3 major planes of movement.  You can expect standing postures, seated poses, prone position and work on the back. There is a focus on breathing and meditation. Props may be helpful but not required. 

Tuesday@7:45am - Yoga for Stiff Bodies - A gentle class designed to help you create better movement in stiff limbs and back. Practice can be accomplished by anyone and injuries can be attended to as the pace of class is very measured. One can expect a variety of standing postures, seated poses, prone position work and work done lying on ones back. Props may be helpful but not required.

Wednesday@10:30amGentle Yoga Plus - This class includes everything that we do in gentle yoga on Mondays, however we add balance postures and a dedicated gentle abdominal work out. Challenge yourself safely!

Thursday@12 noon - Gentle Yoga Stretching - Quick Noontime Stretching. Class is only 45min and will have a concentration on standing stretches to help warm you up in the middle of your day. Fun and Easy anyone can join...

Friday@10:30am - Gentle Yoga -  Fun and easy yoga.  Good for anyone, this is a good place to start your yoga journey. Gentle mix of laying down, seated and standing postures. Mediation and breathing will be instructed.

Saturday@8am - Yoga 1 Alignment - Build your strength and tone your muscles by holding simple postures for longer periods. Learn how to do postures properly, and check in with your alignments, this is a good class to address low spine issues, shoulder issues and improve general flexibility. 

Sunday@9:30am - Gentle Yoga and Breathing - Give your mind and body a break from a long week and set yourself up to have the best week ever by committing to Sunday practice. There will be long holds, and extended time for long & slow deep breathing. This class will help relax your mind and body at a deep level. 

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